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“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop”

Confucius, Philosopher

Hello there, welcome to our blog!👋🏼👋🏽

So, we publicly launched our brand in December of 2021, and as with all things that burgeon new businesses, there’s been a barrage of unending tasks and numerous checklists to tick off. All these and more has had us postponing writing this first blog which we believe is an absolute necessity.

We did post quite frequently on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter so we get a B+ for comms and engagement, right? 😅

Well, we’re slowly figuring all of this out and promise to make it a worthwhile journey for you, so stick with us.

Who are we?

You’re probably wondering who is behind the brand, and that’s okay, we’d do an introduction because we’d like to meet you too. 😁

At the moment, it’s just two amazing young Nigerian women (and a truckload of support from friends, family and colleagues), who have a passionate energy for exploring the creativity in geospatial and decided to push some boundaries to make a business out of it 👏🏼.

There’s Omowonuola who is obsessed with using geospatial technology to solve environmental and social challenges and Esther who is a geospatial enthusiast and is eager to help non-geospatial persons be more aware and use geospatial technology in their day-to-day lives.

Before we go further, you’re probably wondering, “Geoluminous, geospatial, GIS – what’s all of that?” – Let’s attempt to break it down.

GIS stands for “Geographic Information System”. GIS helps to create an abstract model of the real world making it easy to locate and analyze relationships between things and places. In a simple term, it is using a computer to do analysis about any landscape phenomena and then creating a map of the result. Maps give stories context with location.

Geospatial, in the same sense, is data that has a geographic component. And, geospatial technology collects and analyzes this data using the power of location to help with better decision making. This can range from finding the fastest route to someplace, or tracking the spread of a virus in the case of the pandemic to selecting the best suitable location to build, house a farm or rent a space.

If you want to learn more about geospatial, you can visit these blogs:

Also, read the responses from others in this tweet.

And for Geoluminous, let’s just say this sounded cool and captured the essence of what we were aiming for after what seemed like an endless effort to get the right brand name that wasn’t already taken (maybe we’ll write about the backstory of the name selection another time 😊).

“At Geoluminous Co. Ltd, we aim to drive innovation, creativity and access in the geospatial industry through products, platforms and experiences that use maps, geospatial education and technology with the purpose of simplifying and finding creative ways to incorporate “geo/spatial/” into the everyday living.”

We are registered in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom, and our values are to:

  • Be Simple,
  • Inspire,
  • Be Innovative,
  • Be Authentic.

What to Expect

What does all of this translate to, what would you expect to see from us. A non-exhaustive summary would be:

  • Using maps (which is the output of most geospatial visualizations) to create gifting items, lifestyle products and experiences – visit the Mappy store to sneak a peek.
  • A non-profit (The GIS girl) that is set to provide training and support for girls and young women with the objective to promote early awareness and inclusive participation for women in the geospatial industry.
  • Apps and solutions that leverage on geospatial technology to make planning and navigation easier.

We’d love to read from you too, so leave a comment letting us know where you are reading from, what you do and what creativity means to you or just say hi 😊

Till our next post…

All our gratitude,

Esther & Wonuola

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