About Us

Who We Are

We are a female-founded startup with a mission to drive innovation, creativity and access in the geospatial industry through products, platforms and experiences that use maps, geospatial education and technology with the purpose of simplifying and finding creative ways to incorporate “geo/spatial/” into the everyday living.

We are registered in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.

Our Vision

To be a global champion for geospatial creativity and accessibility.

Our Values

From curating products to building platforms to how we relate with our customers and one another, we aim to be guided by these values which we will keep revisiting to ensure it still holds true. To:

  • Be Simple: How many seconds does it take to ‘get’ it? Our approach is centered on how closely our consumers can identify with the usefulness of the product or service.
  • Inspire: Every opportunity should empower the user; we seek to create products that serve as teachable moments, add value and inspire you to learn more. 
  • Be Innovative: If it doesn’t make you (or us) go ‘OMG’, then, we’re not there yet. Always, find the creative angle!
  • Be Authentic: Strong and honest ethics are important to us and it is our desire that, at every touch point, we present our most authentic self.

What We Do

We create products, platforms and experiences that highlight creativity, provide access and education in the geo/spatial/ industry. We are helping more people discover and connect to the industry through the development of lifestyle products, books, games, and training platforms.

Some of our service offerings include:

  • Mappy Store: Store showcasing creative gifting and lifestyle products as well as experiences using maps and other forms of geospatial. From map prints for art decoration purposes to stationery items, children books, games etc.
  • The GIS girl: A nonprofit set up to provide training and support for girls and women with the objective to promote early awareness and inclusive participation in the geospatial industry. This is in line with achieving the UN SDGs 4 and 5.

Our Team

Omowonuola Akintola

Position: CoFounder

Omowonuola Akintola is obsessed with using geospatial technology to solve environmental and social challenges. With a background in Surveying and Geoinformatics, her passion lies in helping organizations use geo/spatial as a decision supporting tool.

She has about 2 years of environmental consulting experience in the private sector providing expertise in mapping and spatial analysis for local and global scale projects.

Out of the office, she is committed to women education and community development. She volunteers with African Women in GIS and co-hosts a podcast where she is promoting geo/spatial professionals in Africa.

Omowonuola Akintola


Omowonuola Akintola is obsessed with using geospatial technology to solve...

Esther Onyekachi Ogbu

Position: CoFounder

Esther is a geospatial enthusiast who is eager to help non-geospatial persons be more aware and use geospatial technology in their day-to-day lives.

Before starting Geoluminous Co. Ltd, Esther worked for about 7 years within the GIS and the Creative industry with multinational brands like Google Nigeria, JC Decaux and British Council; and has promoted geospatial solutions for National & State Government agencies in West Africa.

Currently, she works as a Project Manager in Esri UK to deliver geospatial projects for clients focused in the Energy, Gas and TelCo sector. She has also served as the Deputy Director (Strategy/Business Partnerships) at Sambus Geospatial Limited where she led business transformation strategies and managed partnership alliances.

Esther loves travelling, playing board games, and watching television series. She lives with her husband in England, volunteers on the leadership team of African Women in GIS and Women+ in Geospatial.

Esther Onyekachi Ogbu


Esther is a geospatial enthusiast who is eager to help...